Competition Results 2016

The Club held its Annual Lunch and Prizegiving at The Northover Manor on Sunday November 6th.

A delicious lunch was followed by the Prizegiving. Prizes were handed out by Jeremy Taylor the club’s Life Vice President.

The Results:

COMPETITION                                  WINNER                              RUNNER UP

Men’s 4 wood                                 Tony Price                              Tony Helyar

Ladies’ 4 wood                              Jean Cowan                             Pat Stretch

Men’s  2 wood                              Keith Forster                           Tony Helyar

Ladies 2 wood                             Margaret Price                           Jean South

Men’s Pairs                  K.Forster & B.Hinder                 D.Burnett & S.Copley

Ladies Pairs                 M.Rogers & J.Cowan                   B.Hallett & M.Belcher

Mixed Pairs                 P.Stretch & I. MacKinnon             M.Price & T.Helyar

Mixed Triples         M. Price,S.Copley,J.Cowan          E.Ewens,G.Noyce,M.Warnett

Married Pairs                  Margaret & Tony Price              Marie & Arthur Wood

Combined Tankard                Dave Burnett                           Jan Hockley

The Smith Cup                         Tony Helyar                             Pat Stretch

Eric Loder Plate                       Dave Burnett                            Chris White

Most Improved Player                   Sean Copley

Umbrella                   1st.  Dave Burnett       2nd. Tony Helyar     3rd. Jean Cowan

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